Tales of Terror

Before I talk about all of my super amazing internet dates, let me tell you about my super amazing dating history.  I’ll call it my own personal Tale of Terror!  Come away with me…back to a time of heavy eyeliner, black choker necklaces and pac sun clothing….no I’m not talking about 2017, I’m talking about 2004.

Heart break number 1: Senior year of high school I started dating my first love, sure it was puppy love but at the time, to me, it was the real deal.  I had been pining over him since middle school.  He was dreamy, popular, with dark flowy hair and a bit of a skater boy (how cliche).  We went off to college together and I went through some very hard personal troubles and changed.  I wasn’t the happy go lucky girl he had met.  We eventually broke up when he started talking to his ex who he then dated again.  Heartbreak number one…I had never known heartbreak before him, I didn’t have any coping skills, it was rough.  I laid in bed screaming at Heath Ledger in the movie “A Knights Tale”.  My favorite line of the time was “That doesn’t happen in real life!”  More tears, more screams. Status: Engaged

Heart break number 2:  This was my hardest heartbreak, we were going to get married, I moved half way across the country for him.  We had a ring and he was going to propose all until he met a girl at work and left me for her, two weeks before my best friends wedding.  I moved home immediately and started trying to heal. Status: Married

Heart break number 3:  This was one of my worst relationships.  He was controlling and angry and drunk.  He would wake up hungover and pissed off and take it out on me, never physically.  I never knew what version of him I was going to get and if he was in a bad mood….everyone had to be in a bad mood.  It’s hard to see all of the negatives when you are in the relationship trying hard to make it work because your last one failed so miserably.  He broke up with me and got back together with his ex. Status: Married

Heart break number 4: This is where I started to dive into the wonderful world of online dating and met Mr. non-commit.  We dated on and off for over a year but he would never truly commit.  Why I stayed around for so long will never be understood, trust me, scientists have tried.  He was a great guy and started my love of cops.  Status: Engaged

Dated a few guys in between but they were a mess so they will get their own posts!

Heart break number 5: My next cop, I loved him, oh did I love him.  He was never really into the relationship and ended things with me…..by text…while I was at work. The worst!  Status: Engaged less than 8 months after we broke up.

Now you might be thinking….wait a minute…this sounds like a movie…well it is…I’m Good Luck Chuck.  Maybe I can charge for my match making services?  Date me and you’ll find your true love….


About talesofatinderellablog

The in's and mostly outs of online dating. A humorous look at dating in the modern age of technology.
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