Mommy and Daddy’s Little Man

My first dabble in the online dating scene came from a free weekend with eHarmony, where I met the trooper.  He seemed like the real deal, stable, cute, kind but oh goodness was I wrong.  I’ve never met a grown man whose parents worshipped him more than this man’s and because of it, he was super narcissistic.  Definitely caught him checking himself out in the mirror as he walked by, several times.  The first time I visited their home with him I walked in and I kid you not, it was COVERED in pictures of him.  Blown up, framed, on every wall, it was creepy.  In their eyes he could do no wrong and they regaled me with stories of how they mistreated teachers that tried to discipline or teach him anything that they thought was unnecessary.

To put it lightly: they were the worst.

Our relationship did not last long, it started out great but quickly declined.  His temper was awful and he actually charged at me at one point.  He never hit me but I do think he has it in him.  One day he came to me and told me that his ex was trying to get in contact with him through a friend.  I told him I was not comfortable with this but if he needed closure I understood.  SO DUMB.  One morning, and this isn’t my proudest moment, I snooped through his phone and found e-mails that he had sent her saying that he was single and he loved her and missed her.  I told him what I had found and we fought and cried, and I decided to give him one more chance.  SO DUMB.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was when my dog was sick and I asked him to watch him for a few hours while I attended a fundraiser.  That was too much for him and he dumped me!  What a loser and what an idiot I was for staying.

Status: Married with a baby.

For my next post let’s tackle a topic that has made females across the world seriously question the opposite sex: unsolicited dick pics.


About talesofatinderellablog

The in's and mostly outs of online dating. A humorous look at dating in the modern age of technology.
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